Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Letter to U.S. Congressman Lewis

I received this email letter from Congressman John Lewis who represents the Fifth District in Georgia.

Needless to say, I've had it with the irrational spending and the values that the current administration are attempting to institute. They are by a rational standard completely wrong-headed and will cause problems far greater than anything we are now experiencing. The reasons?

First, Obama does not govern all men equally which causes problems in itself. He singles out people who want to make money and have been successful at it as if that in itself is a crime. At the same time he knows that the money he needs must come from their successes which includes all the people they hire and pay all the way down to the lawn keepers of their buildings.

Second, he insists on bold sweeping changes of everything and with wild abandon as to the real consequences. You can see some of this wild talk in Mr. Lewis's letter.

Third, he acts like he is guaranteeing the quality of everything. Yes, I said everything - from being involved in banking to selling cars to making sure you inflate your tires. This in itself shows me how unbearably ignorant and lacking in integrity he is. There is no way in hell that he will ever be able to deliver on any of these promises although he will have a story about how he delivered on them in one or two individual cases.

The man is bullshit from top to bottom, front to back. Even if the "stimulus" throws a wad of money into the economy which may have an immediate effect, it is not designed to do anything except inflate the money supply, saddle people with mountains of debt and strap all creative and industrious people with restrictions that will prevent them from rationally responding to the circumstances they find themselves in. Everything he is doing is anti-reason and anti-man's life. I predict he will be a huge failure even though he will attempt every form of smoke and mirrors to have you believe otherwise. He's slick, but no one can fool mother nature - including the supremely arrogant Obama.

Here's most of the letter from Congressman Lewis.

Dear Principlex:

"Thank you for taking the time to write me and express your views on the budget for Fiscal Year 2010 recently proposed by President Obama. I appreciate hearing from you and having the benefit of your views.

"Producing a federal budget is an important and lengthy process, and ultimately, a statement of our shared national priorities and ideals. This preliminary budget proposal, outlined by President Obama in February of this year, will change national spending priorities and outlays. (That's for sure.) This budget makes important investments in clean energy, education, healthcare, and new infrastructure. It sets lofty goals to double the nation's renewable energy capacity and improve energy efficiency of homes. (The truth is it seeks to cause America to buckle at the knees for two reason: Energy will be very costly and it will systematically undermine all existing systems. It is clearly anti-industrial.) It will create jobs installing both solar panels and wind turbines, manufacturing fuel efficient cars, and will move us towards the goal of a cleaner, safer planet. (There is no conclusive proof that there is a single reason that our existing energy production is harming the planet and to radically change the systems we have without conclusive proof is grandly stupid.)

"The budget makes immediate investments to computerize all health records in the United States within 5 years, and will fundamentally reform our health care system, delivering quality care at reduced costs. (It will reform how the government controls you which is what it is really designed to do. The government knows nothing about the practice medicine in reality. It knows a lot about how to control you thought.) (This is a flat lie as it will seek to control health care costs, lowering its quality and therefore quality of the lives who use it and provide it. You may as well go have brain surgery at the post office.) Money will be allocated to upgrade school equipment and buildings, and systems will be put in place to make sure that college tuition remains affordable for everyone. Vital infrastructure, including crumbling roads, bridges and schools, will be rebuilt, while broadband service lines will be extended all across America. Money will be allocated ensure that our veterans are well taken care of.

"Government must work for the American people, and I believe that President Obama has put forth a comprehensive plan to move our country forward in an ever changing world. This budget brings new levels of honesty and fairness to the Government (Well we certainly see no harbinger of that in the Obama Administration), and attempts to restore a basic sense of fairness to our tax code (Since when it is fair to take from one at the point of a gun in the name of giving to another? So have we given Obama the right to be the world's biggest thief?). I know that this budget is but one step on the path towards the reinvigoration of our economy and the job is far from done.

Congressman John Lewis

Dear Congressman Lewis,

There is but one avenue to prosperity - productivity. Just as I cannot borrow and spend my way to prosperity, neither can the country. Thus, your position is untenable by anyone who is rational and gives the matter some thought in terms of the fundamental laws of nature.

The correct course is to cut government expenses, leaving as much of the citizens' earnings in their hands in order to support them to be productive. Further, the chains of onerous and ubiquitous regulations need to be removed. Only crimes of one man or group of men initiating force or fraud against another need to be kept. All else is anti-man, anti-freedom and anti-prosperity.

The only thing you ever did was fight for the rights of the black man and for this I commend you and revere you. But that work is now done. And, the road you are now on is actually returning the black man, the white man, the red man and, in fact, all men to slavery. You are now on the side of the plantation owners who kept the slaves, not on the side of a man's right to be a free man.

For this reason, I will work to seek your unseating from your position as U.S. Congressman. You can count on it.

Sincerely yours,

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Jo said...

Rep. John Lewis is infuriating. All his "responses" read like this. I remember seeing him on the news after voting in the first Obama bail-out. He was chuckling and smiling, admitting he had "no idea whether it would work" (HIS own words) but he "had to do something". Arrogance is the right word indeed. He is basically saying "well, there's no reason to believe this will work. But its not my money I'm spending so I have nothing to lose. Why the hell not!"