Friday, February 27, 2009

The Two Moralities - My letter to Glenn Beck

Dear Glenn Beck,

I watched your show this afternoon and thought it was interesting that you juxtaposed your words next to Obama's words and they were practically the same words. Yet, they meant two entirely different things.

What is going on here? Of course two different philosophies are underneath the same words. Marxist thinkers and activists, such as Alinsky in the 30s and later Cloward and Piven in the 60s in their Strategy for Change through Orchestrated Crisis advocate using the morality of the middle class to bring it down and socialize it under dictatorial control. This change to socialism is what is transpiring in our country at this time with Obama as moral and political leader.

The morality that allows this to happen is the morality of altruism - that we somehow have an obligation to take care of our brother - that society is not whole until the rich have sacrificed for the poor, the able have sacrificed for the unable, and the strong have sacrificed for the weak. It isn't sufficient for a person to give a person a helping hand when he sees value in doing so. He must do so because he doesn't want to do so. This is why we hear so much moral sanctimony in every Obama speech. He has the charisma of a revival preacher.

What is the error here and what can we do about it? The error is that a man must sacrifice himself for another man - that he must be a sacrificial animal rather than a man. No man can even properly be a human being in the full meaning of the term unless he seeks and obtains the values that give his life what he needs - his material needs, his spiritual needs and his happiness. To not allow him to do that is an evil of the first sort. And yet, this is what Obama is asking. Well, actually, he is not asking for it; he is forcing it - at the point of a gun, the final authority the government has to achieve its edicts.

The real battle is a moral battle. The battle of sacrifice as a way of life vs. rational self-interest, i.e., egoism, as a way of life. This is the battle we have to fight lest we lose our country down the sewer of all altruist societies and political systems.

Further, the sacrifice of which I am speaking has been invoked in the name of God and a life in the hereafter, and in the name of society and the greater good. Both have to be fought. Although the Founders of the United States of America may have been Christian, or more properly deists, there achievement was not in the name of God nor a tribute to God. It was in the name of man and it is to man that the United States is a tribute.

Here, for the first time in history, every man had a chance to rise to what he could and ought to be. This is the moral vision that we have to have for ourselves and this country if this battle is going to be won.

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