Sunday, February 22, 2009

Private Property - Your Life, My Life

We live in a time when government has exceed its powers and no longer protects individual rights. The means to this end is the idea of public property and the regulation of private property. Consequently to strip the government of its power to do anything other than protect individual rights and private property, it can own no property nor have the power to tax. It must exist within the system of privately owned property and it must raise the money it needs by providing the value of protecting individual rights. Just as any man has to earn what he needs to live, so shall the government earn what it needs to exist. It provides a value which is evident to anyone who has use for those values.

It is government control over property that is the achilles heel of a free society and thus to bring the government under the control of the people for whom it is designed to protect, it can have no access to a means whereby it can usurp the rights of individual people.

This is going to require some new thinking - some entirely new thinking. Never before has such a system existed, but the facts are in on government's that can take people's property or in any way have use and disposal, i.e., regulation of, private property: it doesn't work. By this means, it becomes the master of slaves and places the entire population on its plantation.

It is this unilateral power over property which governments up to this time have had that allow a double standard to exist. With such power, the government lives by a standard that any private individual or group of individuals cannot. An individual cannot steal, the government can. An individual cannot violate another's rights, the government can. An individual cannot pollute his neighbor's property, the government can. An individual cannot lie and cheat his way to power over you, the government can. In other words, because the government can take and control private property, we have unleashed a criminal in our midst. And, this criminal class grows to the point where it must be destroyed lest it destroys the entire fabric of society and ultimately the lives of the people it was created to protect.

We are seeing all of this come to pass at this time. The government is now completely upside down. There is nothing rational about it. It plays deuces wild. There is nothing valuable about it. It has even lost the veneer of value. It has become the apotheosis of lawlessness. It is nothing more than a means for some men to have power over other men and has become a scourge upon the nation.

This process has been ocurring for over a hundred years. Only for the first hundred years was America a free society and a free country. But with the inception of the income tax, the Federal Reserve System, the anti-trust laws and some other such devices, the government became the problem, not the solution. Just as King George became the bane of the new colonies such that they had to declare their independence from the British Crown, we are approaching a repeat of this this scenario.

We are now witnessing a coup d'etat, an overthrow of legal government in a stark and startling way. President Obama has never pretended to have the distinction of individual rights and in fact has professed "positive rights" - meaning the taking of property from those who earned it and distributing it to those who have not. President Obama has appointed his czars to handle various segments of his government thus overriding the cabinet system and its approval by the Senate. He has funded ACORN, his henchmen in the field who can take to the streets at a moment's notice and who can overthrow the democratic process. He used threats of legal problems that could result in TV and radio license removal to cut off any speech that questioned his past during the campaign. He's considering The Fairness Doctrine to throttle the speech of talk radio. He chose immoral people for his advisors and various posts so he can easily control his "compromised" people. He placed critically important legislation in his stimulus package so it doesn't come up for debate. He has used executive order to bypass debate. In other words, the man is a dictator - pure and simple.

Now it is time for us to face this fact and start thinking how we are going to handle such a circumstance. It is upon us.

The United States is different than any other country that preceeded it. It was founded on Individual Rights. That means that each of us has a right to his own life in society - just as he would have were he living on a desert island. And it means that the government has no right to it nor any part of it. So long as we don't use our life to damage that same right of another person, then we are free to live as we see fit.

Whenever the government takes over a business or sticks its hand into a business, it violates an individual's right to HIS life. At that moment, the business is the property of the government not the individual even though the deed and contracts still have the individual's name on it as if he owned it. Use and disposal of property is the sine qua non of ownership. Since the government can tell that business what it should do when and it does so at the point of a gun, it is the final authority when it comes to use and disposal. The government has no business there. There is no right the government has to do that. It has usurped individual rights. And until this lesson is learned loud and clear across this land, this scourge will not end. It will continue until we and our children live in poverty. Such is the progression of a voracious, evil government.

So start thinking about what we are going to have to do. This problem is not going away. It's here to stay until we - all the private individuals - handle it.

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Rob Diego said...

Steve, The mantra for both conservatives and liberals is that the government should “do something” about the economy. In fact, the situation was created by the government “doing something”.

The truth is government action can only stop the functioning of the economy because our free economy is supposed to be based on free choice and freely chosen transactions. When the government "does something" it invariable violates the individual rights of someone as you have suggested.

The politicians in power today can be aptly described as the "practitioners of plunder" because that is what they are doing, plundering the production of American citizens through the sub-prime mortgage crisis that it created, bailouts and the so-called "stimulus" bill. Witness the 40% drop in the stock market and the almost 50% drop in the value of investment portfolios. Who has stolen this money? Check the Cayman Islands and the short sellers from last summer.

There is no one on the scene today who is wise enough to see that the solution to this economic crisis is capitalism and individual rights and to suggest that it is time for the government to stop "doing something" and just leave people alone to solve their own problems. There will be a big mess to clean up because so much has already been plundered by the politicians.

Instead we are moving headlong into more government action that will accomplish more plunder and eventually starvation for millions. In effect, we have a situation of runaway plundering of the American economy. The government is the violater of individual rights to such a degree that it is now worse than Mussolini's Italy. Unless we stop the government we will eventually arrive at full blown totalitarianism.