Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Problem with the Double Standard

When will the double standard finally kill us as a nation?

The problem with the government is that it is everything that we aren't or can't be. Madoff got the lesson as well as are many million others these days.

Let's see, haven't I heard this before? Where we are limited in our knowledge, God is omniscient. Where we are limited in our power, God is omnipotent. Where we are limited by time and place, God is omnipresent. So, is belief in the State to provide what we can't anything but another religion? Doesn't look like it.

And who spends oodles of time and money schooling people in this belief - this faith - whether it be in God or State? I don't see the difference between a liberal fundamentalist and a religious fundamentalist.

My experience of both is they are dogmatic, unreasoning and live a compartmentalized life. That brain has a fault line and is subject to biologic tremors. "Don't bother me with the facts, ma'am. They might upset my precious point of view which is here to protect me from discomfort, risk and well, you know, a life fully lived."

The root evil is initiatory force. Forcing the mind of another means the forced person cannot be moral because he cannot choose the forbidden whether it applies in a particular circumstance or not. Initiatory force thus lowers a man to a sub-human level. He cannot be responsible so he learns not to be. It doesn't pay.

This is the mental/psychological climate that allows a Madoff to get as far as he did. It is the mental/psychological climate of our country right now. As man jettisons his mind, Madoff's are really attractive.

Who is your Madoff?


Elena said...

Reality will be the final judge. Madoff could not pay anymore because he ran out of investors. The same thing is happening to the government. See how desperate they are already, state governments are asking for more bailouts from the federal government, meanwhile they are also increasing taxes and inventing new taxes. They want to skin us alive with their taxes and inflation. They want us to pay with our dreams and our blood for their follies. How long will they last? As long as we last or as long as we are willing to carry them on our shoulders. Judging by the public reaction, we are very willing. And some Americans ask me why Russians did not rebel against their Soviet rulers. Isn't it high time for Americans to ask the same question themselves?

John Grover said...

We are several generations from "asking the same question". Unfortunately, the vast majority in this country do not know the philosophic source of their historic wealth and comfort. They will not know it until it is learned by losing the wealth and comfort while a voice of reason shows the alternate way. This cannot happen until the country is ready for the voice, and that cannot happen until education changes....until our children get the message. That is why the ARI programs geared to getting Ayn Rand's novels to high school students is the only tactic that will work in the future.
Meanwhile, a rational individual can still live one of the best lives in history in this country.