Saturday, November 1, 2008

Is America Ready to Roll Over?

Is it true that we are ready to roll over?

Are Americans ready to give up the ideal of working, accumulating a nest egg, investing it and have it turn into something really great for their future?

Are Americans ready to invest their future as a country in a man who they feel will talk to our enemies and hopefully find some bridge between A and non-A? Right and wrong? Good and bad – according to OUR standards?

This is the basic question that is before us, as I see it. It is a moral question.

We are presented with two candidates neither of which are good candidates. McCain is a pragmatist (what works today may not work tomorrow so let's be flexible) that is all over the place, crossing the aisle when he shouldn’t and harnessing Americans where he has no right. Where in the First Amendment, the Right to Free Speech, is there any right given to the government to FORCE people to shut up when it comes to advocating for their political favorites? (McCain-Feingold) Or where in the Constitution does it say that the government has the right to force a man to use a different fuel if the one he is using makes more sense? And for no good, harmful-to-man reason? I’m talking about McCain’s advocacy of the Cap and Trade bill to destroy America’s industrial power and hence, the achievement of its standard of living. Remember, there is no proof and facts are being discovered that industry has no essential effect on the earth’s climate.

I’ve often wondered why the Library of Congress which Thomas Jefferson advocated for the need of a solid intellectual framework in the building of a new nation isn’t moved to some city where they might actually use it? If there is one word that applies to the Congress and the Presidency in our age, it is IDIOCY: Zero learning, zero thinking.

Obama is not a pragmatist in the fundamental sense that McCain is. He is a radical socialist: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” He openly advocates spreading the wealth around. It would be one thing if he were a private citizen enrolling people into being more charitable. But he isn’t. He is going to be Top Gun and he’s going to use it.

All government depends, at the bottom of all the rhetoric, on the gun. The only question is ON WHOM they use it. The Constitution is designed to limit government so it doesn’t turn its gun on innocent citizens. We have over a 100 year history of the government misusing its gun. But now, at this time, using the government to violate its own citizens is openly advocated.

This brings me to Obama.

Not only does Obama want to harness “Joe the Plumber,” - everyman USA - but he wants to use what he steals from him to give to those who set in front of the TV set, munch potato chips and expect “Joe” to pay their mortgage. (I use set as in "placing an object.") What does Obama think is going to happen when “Joe” and the millions upon millions of “Joes” say SCREW YOU!

“I guess I will go have some potato chips. Oh, and send me my favorite movie.”

What about Obama’s total lack of principle in standing for the country? You notice he has never mentioned that he would fight for our country or even stand for it in a contest where we or our important freedom allies are threatened. If the recent Georgia incident is any measure, the best he can offer is, “I think everyone should calm down.” In fact he wants to give the store away. He offered a bill in Congress to give Africa almost a trillion dollars in aid over the next ten years. And we know where that goes: Certainly not to any of the real “people on the ground.” Rather, into the hands of tyrants so they can send it to Switzerland.

Obama says our Constitution is fatally flawed. (Listen to the audio clip in my previous blogpost.) Instead of harnessing the government, telling it what it cannot do to the citizens, leaving them free to live their lives, which is their precious Right, he wants to unleash the government to do ANYTHING IT WANTS to the citizens so that the guy who isn’t doing so well can get a start. Talk about something that just “ain’t” right!

And if you think Obama is a good guy, you are woefully mistaken. He was mentored by a communist in his teenage years; sought out the Marxist professors who, by ideology, feed on the envy of class warfare (He says this in his book); has a long term relationship (which most likely began when he was at Columbia University) with Bill Ayers and has participated with him in several projects for the purpose of instituting his anti-capitalist ideas; sat in a church for twenty years listening to a rabidly racist preacher who says America is the most evil country on earth, Reverend Wright, who he said is one of the best men leading one of the best that the African-American church has to offer; who worked with ACORN in Project Vote, defended them in a lawsuit and hasn’t said a word to put a stop to their rampant fraud in voter registration; and on top of all of this, he lies, lies, lies! He will say anything if he thinks it may not fly with his audience du jour. (And if you say “that’s politics,” you are one cynical bastard.)

This man is as immoral as a man can get. He's raised hustling to a high art.

And you think he’s cute? Or you think that because he is half black, this kind of mistake will be good for the black community? It will open America to the black man like nothing heretofore has? Maybe not. Obama may close that door for another hundred years.

Is this what America is ready to do: Rollover? Is it ready to consciously negate the principles on which the country is founded and which have given rise to the most positive, creative, entrepreneurial, wealthiest society in the history of man? Even a homeless man in America can find a meal. Not so in many countries where people live in whole neighborhoods of shacks made of leaky cardboard and tin, and open theft is a way of life. This is the ultimate end of Obama’s ideal.

Given this choice, I’m voting for an old man that ideologically stumbles around over a man whose purpose, either in big steps or baby steps, is to transform this country into a banana republic where the gun is on the table in every meeting. Contrary to Obama, I believe McCain loves America and will defend her.


Rob Diego said...

Steve, yesterday Obama said something to the effect that Republicans who disagree with him have made selfishness into a virtue. This is a clear statement that he intends to stamp out selfishness which means reason and living freely.

Butler T. Reynolds said...

Your analysis of the men is correct, but I still believe that it is the unprincipled and rudderless who can be the most dangerous.

For the last 8 years we've had a man as president who has been the biggest spender and biggest regulator arguably since FDR; yet, people blame his failures on his support for laissez faire.

How could this be? He has given lip service to limited government and free markets from time to time.

Nobody will blame Obama's failures on free markets and limited government.

I think that our best hope in this sorry political state that we're in is for a repeat of the Clinton years. Clinton was a strong leftist, but in 1994 a Republican congress was elected as a roadblock. Under George W. Bush, there were no roadblocks.

Like Bush, McCain would drift along with the worst prevailing theme in congress. McCain would also anxiously look for a great war to get us mired in.

Guys like Obama really believe in government. They honestly want big government to work. On the other hand, rudderless Republicans in power are more like juvenile delinquents during a looting spree.


Rob Diego said...

Well, now we know that Americans have turned over. The control that Ayers and his crowd have exerted over the educational system has created a large group of people who think that government can solve their individual problems by giving them money. What they all miss is that our economy is at a tipping point. As it was when Roosevelt was first elected, anything the government does to "fix" our economy will make it worse. I'm sorry to say it, but expect to see lots of out of work, starving people who will be fed through monetary expansion and welfare...which means that things will be bad for a long time to come. They voted for it. They will get what they asked for. Don't expect the rich to be in any kind of "giving" mood. Expect instead labor camps for anyone who has ability. They will be called "service" programs but labor camps they will be.