Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Voters' Holiday

Obama is encouraging his followers to make history and take the day off to vote. I was appalled at his audacity asking people to not be productive on election day. My comment: "Since he is The One, why don't we vote on Christmas Day?" My friend responded. I asked if I could publish his comments as a guest poster today. With his "Yes," I introduce Rob Diego. Thanks, Rob.

Consider what this means. In order that he be able to ask Florida citizens to take the day off and work for him, he must think that he is more important than the GDP of the country. By encouraging citizens to be unproductive on that day and by minimizing the value of production as compared to working for Obama, he establishes the precedent that later we should all work for his government as our most profound and most productive activity. Ask yourself what this will do to the economy. This is collectivist "holiday making" where the citizens plan for a big day during which the supreme leader visits their city and holds a huge rally that ties up the citizenry in worshipping his wonderfulness and glorifying his collective goals.

This idea is not about worshiping the freedom of our country; with Obama we worship social goals and we consider that whatever we do to advance those goals is the real contribution that we make. In effect, he is saying, sacrifice your time and money to the collective. Has this generation really been thinking this way all along? I don't think so and it represents a serious misunderstanding in Obama of what our nation is all about and how we are willing to live. From what I'm hearing on Fox, major segments of the population have soured on Obama including Jews, Hispanics and Independents - earlier today, I heard that Hispanics in particular are going to vote in very small numbers. It may finally be sinking in that Obama is not a moderate politician but a radical with radical collectivist goals. Supposedly, internal campaign polls of both parties are seeing this major shift against Obama.

For Obama to ask citizens to work for his campaign on election day in Florida indicates that he will try to get every illegal vote he can because he knows that without fraud he will lose in Florida. 4 campaign stops in PA today also indicate something is happening there too. The pollsters are drifting toward being accurate as the veracity of the pollsters will be necessary for future business as we get closer to election day. I think there is a lot more anti-Obama going on and he knows it. Initially those polls factored in a significant majority of Democrats and new Democratic registrants because of supposedly significant millions of new Democratic voters that Obama was inspiring. ACORN has evacuated many of the offices where it engaged in fraud in order to hide its activities and they have proven inept at producting those million new registrations. ACORN may have defrauded Obama on this and now he's scrambling trying to appeal to whites exclusively. With all the fraud, there are probably only about 230K new registrants and they are now being identified as unlikely to vote. Among voters that are "certain" to vote, McCain has a lead.

Rob Diego

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principlex said...

I want to say for clarification that I am not primarily concerned about the negative effect of Obama's exhortation to take the day off on election day on the GDP. In other words, I don't want to leave the impression that the effect on society is the reason why some action is good or bad.

I am concerned about the principle that he is pushing - namely, eschew production and work for him. Production is a virtue which leads to a successful and happy life, whether you live by yourself on a desert island or in society, and it is anti-human to undermine it. To the extent that people shift their values away from production to non-production for Obama given the anti-human values he preaches, they undermine their own life. They become a parasite living off what others have produced and Obama has taken from them with the Government's gun.

The Government to the extent that it focuses its activities intervening into the economy acts against the economy. It can be objectively shown that it acts against the public good if the public good is defined as the sum of all people acting to create values. It thus is corrupt and acts against the purpose for which it was designed by the Constitution of the United States. Obama has said that the Constitution was wrong from the start because it did not redistribute the values that people have created to those people who have not sought nor created by their own actions those values. Go here:

The adding or subtracting of resources, the imposition of standards and regulations, licensing and any other form of control instituted by force, which means at the point of a gun, in the absence of a citizen initiating force against another citizen is a negative for the society. Why would anyone want to live in such a society? Why would anyone want to be part of anything that is mandated by the gun? Why would anyone want to live in a my-way-or-the-eternal-highway, Jim Jones environment?

To give an example, suppose you are raising a family. You have worked out how to achieve the values you want for your life and your family. Now all at once, your neighbor comes over and at the point of a gun says that you have to raise your family according to HIS values. He throws out all the thinking, all the planning for the future you want to attain, all the activities that you have set up, all the resources you have lined up to support your values and institutes his. Would you be living a human life at that point or would you be a slave? This is what Obama is advocating in principle. This is obscene.

To get a grip on the long line of human-haters, in the name of brother love and revenge, that is connected directly or indirectly to Obama go to the website linked to below. This is a largely unknown universe. If it were known, it would be soundly rejected by decent, regular, life-loving folks who want to build a future.

I feel like a broken record always harping on the topic of Obama, but his advocacy of socialism and all that entails is the clearest example I've seen in my lifetime in this country of a really ambitious anti-life politician. No one could be as ambitious as he is without a long line of intellectual and moral support. Given that he is open about it from time to time and his history and actions all point the same direction, although he's working in this campaign like a madman trying to keep his motives hidden, makes him a veritable harvest of opportunity to distinguish those principles which are moral and life-giving. This is his value. Given what I hold dear, Obama is a god-send for the purpose of distinguishing those values.