Friday, August 15, 2008

The New Slavery

Obama Reveals What Change Means

The video was produced by,
a media organization dedicated to unmasking the shibboleths
and platitudes of our culture.

The race is on and the task of critically thinking people is to learn about our candidates and what they hold as dear, in their character and in reality, that will affect our lives. It requires sorting through the information and identifying the fundamental values important to you for producing a political climate in which it is possible for any human being to surive and thrive to the extent that he is rational.

In my opinion, Obama is a divider when it comes to "all people." He advocates programs which take from one and give to another, not because of a justice based on the right of every individual human being to his life, but based on the facts of particular human beings which are not primary to human beings as a species. This error produces division and fighting among men.

Of what importance is one's economic status at the moment? For many being poor is the spur to make something of themselves and acquire wealth through honest trade with others. Of what importance is one's skin color? Many of all the skin colors of humanity have made something of themselves and reached the pinnacles of their chosen fields. Of what importance is one's gender, one's sexuality or one's handicap given that women, gays and the blind have become supremely successful at what they have chosen to do in life. None of these are essentials.

Politically, the law should be blind to all of these non-essential aspects of individual human beings otherwise it is not a just law. Law is not a primary based on any old ethics whether it be from a philospher, the Bible or some concensus of society. A just law is grounded in the metaphysically eternal nature of human being and cannot violate that nature.

McCain is also a divider (in the basic sense I refer to above and not in the sense that people are going to have differing and often opposite opinions on a particular issue) in some issues of his campaign. No national leader at this time is able to express the principles on which this nation was founded. Some on the Right try to say that we are Christian nation. Some on the Left say that freedom is about equal opportunity and circumstances. Baloney. That's NOT the essence of the Constitution, as it so ably clarified. It's about one's individual right to Life, Liberty, Property and the freedom to pursue that which has him Happy.

At best our political leaders have been able to express that underground sense of life that most of us share as American. I look forward to the day when these values find public expression and exist in full sunlight.

The culture of this nation is playing out the errors of the past. There is a philosophy which lays out the basis of a rational and just foundation for living a human life, a life possible for human being in his noblest sense. It is Objectivism.

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