Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Anti-Energy, Anti-production, Anti-human being

The Democrats have reached the apex of stubborn irrationality. For what? Misplaced environmental concerns that value snail darters and various species over the individual right to own, i.e., the use and disposal of, property and to take care of one's property including the species thereon as seen fit; and, for a global waming theory (alias climate change theory) that is not proven and for which data relentlessly piles up disproving it and which, if carried out, will completely upend the industrial economy that is in existence and on which we totally depend.

Neither of these motives are worth anything except as the basis for an over-reaching, unjust, and stupid power-lust run amok. These politicians and their hangers-on deserve to lose their influence as soon as it can be accomplished.

This video is a stark demonstration of how little the Democrats care about individual people in their daily lives (i.e., their right to their life) and our economy. This is stark irresponsibility and is utterly exasperating that it is going on, let alone continues. Get out of the way! Freedom immediately! Now is the time to deliver a "Come to Jesus" conversation to your Congressman.

Don't exclude McCain and many Republicans for their support of Environmentalism as Religion. They need a "Come to Jesus" talk too.

We as citizens are not free when it comes to economic activities - probably the bulk of our lives. The Civil Rights issue in this century, the 21st, is economic freedom - the individual right to apply one's reason, one's knowledge and one's ingenuity in one's economic decisions - which is essentially the right to own property, a corollary of the right to one's own life.

The ultimate individual right is the right, unfettered by government interference unless one commits a crime against another, to fully use one's mind since it is man's basic means of survival. Rather, we are as pets in a cage with the government as pet farmer.

I'm sorry, but I hate my master. And the last thing I want them to do for me is to care. I just went them to do their goddammed job set forth in the Constitution and which they have under oath agreed to do.

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