Friday, August 29, 2008

An Angry Avenger

My concern is for the spirit, the motor of a man’s existence. I hold that the possibility exists for man, by embracing sound values and good premises and by discarding the false values and fallacious premises, to accomplish what he wants and enjoy his personal power in whatever situations he may encounter. In this vein I offer my comment on Obama’s acceptance speech.

Obama's speech was the clearest, most vehement attack on the American Sense of Life that I've ever seen at this level of politics. That speech was grounded in a hatred of the human spirit - the creative, productive, rational, success-oriented, loving life spirit – that is hard to fathom.

Maybe this will give you the idea. A man who gets up, doesn’t like his job much (at best) and goes to work anyway out of necessity is on the right track. If he has nothing to show for it, that adds stars on his chest. An even "greater" garnishment is if he is sick or has as a "heavenly" host of sick relatives. This man is clearly headed for heaven and has already made it into Obama’s heaven. These are his heroes.

What is wrong with this picture?

Anyone who succeeds and is happy knows that regardless of whether the government gives you money, pays for your doctor, puts food on your table or even flies you around the country there is no spiritual redemption there nor sense of being a hero. In fact except in rare cases these benefits completely eclipse the possibly of ever discovering your own power. They most often seal your fate as a walking dead man.

Obama is the quintessential expression of a self-imposed victim status as a way of life. Now he advocates this spiritual ideal as the American way of life.

By the grace of his own hand, which the American electorate may grant him, he is going to avenge the poor in spirit by exacting punishment from all those who are in the way.

From whom? Ultimately every American who creates his life and seeks authentic values.

You see, a victim never trusts a non-victim, an achiever. The achiever engenders anger in the victim by virtue of his existence. Mostly the achiever is busy achieving values for his life. The victim, on the other hand, thinks no one cares. The victim, in line with his view of the world, transforms himself at some point in his life into the dominator to make the achiever, another victim or himself a victim. This is the motivation of criminals and thugs the world over. It is the motivation of dictators and can be the motivation of Presidents.

Obama’s major attack is against those EVIL corporations and RICH people. Notice he does not distinguish between those who exist on government handouts and protective regulation and those who don't. He doesn't distinguish between the parasites and the providers. He doesn't distinguish between the choices leading to resignation and death and the choices leading to life. He doesn’t distinguish any of this. He assumes HIS world view is right. And Obama was oh so righteous last night. I thought I had gone to a fundamentalist church.

He doesn't care about choices - at least not yours. The subtext of Obama's message is COERCION - PHYSICAL FORCE. He is going to force HIS way on each and every citizen of this country at the point of a gun, the only means the government has to force people to do anything, and cancel out the principles that have distinguished us.

He doesn’t recognize that today, the largest criminal among us – in the sense of using force on people which has nothing to do with the purpose for which it was founded – is the government. Instead of removing all of those government devices and releasing the people to rise as far as their talent and productivity will take them, he is going to be THE ONE. THE ONE we are waiting for. He will be the enforcer! He will bring those bastards to their knees. For what? HIS ideal.

His record for taking by government means stands unblemished. His record for producing results for those he claims to care about does not. All the people he cites as worthy of our utmost concern are only a means to his end, POWER. By his own hand he has shown this to be true.

If you buy his line, then I have a bridge to sell you.

I've pointed out in this blog how carefully Obama has constructed a facade which covers his true purpose. Last night gave us a glimpse behind his mask. Last night it was easy to see him speaking from the pulpit of Reverend Wright, glossing over the terror of his associate William Ayers and uniting with the anti-life dictums of the philosophers he has taken to heart.

You have a man here who wants to exact by FORCE the products of the creators and producers of jobs, big businessmen and small. Don’t be fooled by his pandering to small business. By the time he gets done enacting his programs, a small businessman won’t be able to afford an employee. He cannot see that when he cripples men at the root of why they would create and produce, he also kills the opportunity for the very people he says he wants to help.

I couldn't help wondering if Michael Phelps has too many gold medals. How many of those does Obama want? Does Michael Jordan have too many physical characteristics and too much determination to excel that he needs to be punished too?

Should Einstein have been partially lobotomized? Or Bill Gates forced to work out of nothing more than the garage he began in? Should Wall-Mart be forced to give up their earned power to bring products to the American consumer at a lower price? And what about Henry Ford. He must have been horribly evil given the current global warming hysteria.

What about those evil pharmaceutical companies who produce life saving drugs? Or brain surgeons who put in years of long hours to do what they so love that benefits people all over the world? The list is endless. Obama never mentioned one jot of this achievement. Nada.

He will take it all in service of his hatred of success – the source of all suffering for the poor. Cannot it be seen how his whole idea depends on envy? He is counting on the envy of the "have-nots" and the guilt of the "haves."

He projects no shining city on the hill - no place in American life great to achieve. No place where a man can be acknowledged for a job well done. It can never be said because he must be kept off balance in case he shall be used. And this is true of himself as well.

Obama bristles when anyone questions his patriotism. He did that again last night when he spurted lightning bolts from his eyes and forceful words from his mouth ("Don't you or anyone ever question my patriotism!") at John McCain over their recent bout over patriotism.

I'm absolutely clear that Barack Obama is an enemy of the success spirit of the United States at its root. It is clear to me that he is attacking this: "That all men are created equal (in their eternal nature as a human being) endowed with the unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."

My conclusion? Choosing this angry avenger is going to cost all of us.

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