Friday, July 4, 2008

Who Upholds Freedom Most - "Conservative" or "Liberal" Judges?

Here is an interesting comparison of the "liberal" and "conservative" Judges of the Supreme Court. What is being born out is that "conservative" judges tend to uphold freedom and individual rights; "liberal" judges tend to uphold and advance State control over the individual. The "conservative" judges honor your life; the "liberal" judges hand you over to the State.

This by no means is 100% true nor 100% consistent. But, it is going this direction. I'm thinking we have a philosophical dialogue on individual rights as the basis of how we organize ourselves as a society in our future. Read this:

I placed the quote marks around "conservative" and "liberal" as I don't think those terms are accurate representations of the underlying premises of those groups. The means of referring to the emerging orientations may better be served by Individual Rightists vs. Statists.

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