Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Piercing the Pretense

When I saw this on The Drudge Report, I roared with delight. Finally someone had the guts to pierce the front and the stultifying PC that we know as Obama. Obama may get elected, but how can I take him seriously intellectually? I don't believe a thing he says.

Obama has so many untouchable subjects around him that whenever anyone points out obvious gaffes, inconsistencies, embarrassing blanks of knowledge, and the obvious tiptoe on his tightrope, he rebuts with why their remarks are inappropriate. He's "unable to understand why they would say that", "why they shouldn't have said that" and so "offended-waiting-to-happen" that he's painful to watch. Of course the cover above was "tasteless and offensive." (In this age of Ugly and Envy, since when has taste and inoffensiveness been a standard for much of anything?) He blows off serious discussion of issues. If you criticize him, you are wrong and very bad. Working around him must be "oh so much fun."

The New Yorker did him a favor.

I wish the article inside would have opened up this whole area for him and for us. Instead it worked real hard to make him an ordinary politician doing his thing. This he is not.

Obama is dangerous. Not in the sense of the cartoon, per se. He trafficks in class warfare. He uses any underclass as justification for all action. He is a political wonk whose main occupation is knowing the intricasies of how to gain power - and now ultimate power.

Whatever ideas he may use as justification in various settings, Obama is not a serious student of politics in any philosophical sense. If he were he would know better than to advocate these failed ideas. He exploits people to pit one segment of society against another. He loves grievances rather than ideals as his fulcrum. He spends other people's money to produce no change. Does this stop him? Not even a bump on the road.

In every satire is a grain of truth.


principlex said...

With the publication of the New Yorker's cover, I thinking we are going see a torrent of the mocking of Obama. Here's another that was aired in the middle of the night on Fox News' Redeye program.,2933,383803,00.html

principlex said...

Another published today in the St. Petersburg Times by Bill Maxwell.

principlex said...

And this was yesterday in the NY Times.

robert574 said...

Well, the whole point of bringing this up was to blame the Republicans and generate moral outrage against them, though most of this stuff came from Clinton campaign leaks. When Obama says he knows what they (the Republicans) will do, he means he knows what he will do to claim what he wants the public to think the Republicans did. Fact is, the Republicans are walking on egg shells already. Only a liberal rag like the New Yorker could get away with this.