Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Obama Boggles My Mind

Today McCain, in the wake of rapidly rising fuel prices and their myriad consequences, switched his position stating the United States needs to increase domestic oil production. This issue has hit a nerve. People are sending drill bits to Congress to make the point that we need to drill for oil. The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial a week ago entitled Drill, Drill, Drill. This is a genuine grass roots movements to get the politicians off center and into action regarding our energy supply.

What did Obama say? "McCain is pandering to the big oil companies."

What? What an insult!!! An outrageous insult!!!

Who can be that oblivious to what people are saying? When the electorate has generally had it with politicians because they cannot hear us nor care a whit about us, (fighting more for their earmarks and expanding their control over us and charging us for it) Obama has the audacity to ignore this public outcry and interpret McCain's switch as pandering.

What in hell's name would cause him to say this?

I say this is the evidence that Obama is committed to his political agenda: Damn business. Undermine business. Get control over business. Ultimately, the government takeover of business. (Remember that slip by Maxine Waters, a fellow socialist? http://principlex.blogspot.com/2008/05/mask-of-liberalism-slipped.html) This is consistent with his oft-cited Marxist influences and given these ideas, appeasing big business would be a sellout - which is what he accuses McCain of doing. His candidacy is not about the American people nor our country. (I am even suspicious he has deep feeling for this country.) We are a means, not an end. Because he has changed his positions so many times depending on his audience, whatever he says that sounds like he cares IS pandering.

Pandering? For what?

Power, more power, ultimate power - the ultimate purpose of political rabble rousing he learned from his mentor, Saul Alinksky. Power not for a purpose we can all be included in, but power for its own sake. Obama is damned ambitious.

For these reasons, I think Obama is the worse. He and McCain expect us to sacrifice. Neither understands political liberty and both are moving away from freedom. McCain calls us to sacrifice for the country. Obama calls us to sacrifice for the underdog. Except Obama is NOT FOR the underdog. He is against success. Should an underdog become successful, he will undermine them as he does all of the successful. He uses the underdog, the weakest among us, as a reason to undermine, steal from and silence the successful. His ideas, and he as a purveyor of them, is viscious. He portrays the rich as evil exploiters even though he and Michelle made over a million dollars last year. At this point it gets too crazy for me to understand. There must be some massive divide in his mind.

Another discouraging thing I am hearing is that many people, black and white, think that electing Obama is an historic opportunity to show the world we have grown beyond our racist past. According to them, skin color at this point in history should determine our vote for President. Since Obama is motivated by the same ideas as were Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Castro, what is this going to do for any of us including those among us with black skins? If color is the essential characteristic that one should pay attention to, then what effect will that have for future blacks politicians? When due to his vicious ideas his presidency turns out a bust, will the bumper sticker be "Obama, the black mistake?"

Feelings are not a means of cognition nor a guide to action. Rationality is the first virtue.

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