Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our Most Dangerous Candidate

When I say "dangerous," I mean "involving risk, peril, hazardous situations." I think Obama is our most dangerous candidate and I have two reasons. First, he keeps himself an unknown quantity. Instead of taking a position on a vote, he votes "present." He did this 130 times in the Illinois Senate and Y times in the US Senate. Maybe this is something all representatives do, but I think this is symbolic of his character. He advocates Change but gives no program regarding to what we are to change. Secondly, he's an imposter. He talks about healing and conversations and yet never uses the words "all people" or "all equal before the law." Rather he spews disgusting populist rhetoric pitting one segment of society against another by playing the blame game; and right beside him is his pastor, who he has listened to for 20 years, had him marry him and baptize his children, and who spews disgusting racist rhetoric pitting one segment of society against another by playing the blame game. We learn too that he was reared on Alinsky, the Marxist professor who knew that the issue of politics is not justice, but POWER. He sought the sores of humanity and picked on them until they became inflamed enough that he could get people to march on city hall. And Obama doesn't even address these incredible personal maladies. He just keeps being the imposter, smooth and cool, knowing just how "to be."

We live in "evil" times. I say that because we see in the newspapers where the normal activities of doing business are now, by definition, a crime. (WSJ editorial, April 9, 2008) In this era, a man who creates something, takes his product out in the world to show people what it can do and then lives off the value that people see in it is considered a criminal, while a politician who goes around with a gun in his hand asking people who they want him to threaten or force is considered something to be aspired to. We, as a culture, are up to no good and the results will soon be here. We can count on that.

McCain, Hillary and Obama are all statists believing it right to interfere in the lives of men whenever they think it is for the greater good. McCain at least is focussed on what he thinks are the problems. (Most of them are not problems his problems to solve and should not be under the government's purview in the first place.) Hillary and Obama are more virulent. Given their Marxist, socialist, progressivist background, they have no problem pitting man against man. The bottom line is POWER. Hillary is an old line socialist type and a pragmatist. She's tough and crooked, but at least you don't feel bad battling her. Obama is another type. He is the consummate personality cult leader. He will wield his gun with a conversation and some smooth talk. I know, I know. You don't think Obama would go there. Well I have not seen the countervailing evidence yet.

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