Sunday, April 13, 2008

Obama - not "da bomb" but A bomb.

Obama's latest statement that Americans back in small town Pennsylvania and Indiana "'cling to guns or religion' because they are 'bitter' about their economic status" is so Marxist and Alinskyesque that it is disgusting. A Marxist is a materialist. He always thinks that it is money that is the root of everything and he thinks that there is only so much of it and if one person has it then another person doesn't. This is how wrong not only Marx is, but Obama is. He is sooo disgusting because this has been disproved by the failure of socialism, the system designed to counteract this horrendous condition of the working man. Creativity and the value of the mind is not a factor in human existence according to Marx, Alinksy or Obama. Or, if it is, it is completely separate and unrelated to what is really important in life.

Because he is a materialist, it never occurs to him that people might like a gun or religion for spiritual pursuits like hunting in the great outdoors (or maybe using the gun provides for the unification of material and spiritual needs) or finding a way to feel united to the ALL of it. This just escapes the man.

And, the other reason I really dislike Obama, besides his being so f---king arrogant, is because he is a sore picker. Because he is a Marxist and a disciple of Alinsky, he must - I repeat, MUST - find something wrong with you and blow that up until he can gain power over you. He offers to fix your situation, which he cannot metaphysically do. No one can fix a person's situation by making him more dependent. And, I guarantee you that when things go wrong, Obama's smile will not be there to comfort you. This huge fraud is his entire modus operandi.

Don't take my word for this. Listen to Obama's speeches. He has been completely consistent in his view of man and his condition.

I consider him, along with the other arch-populist bastard of this campaign season, Edwards, to be two of the biggest hypocritical, power-lusting frauds of the race.

Hillary pulls the same crap and was mentored by Alinksy as well. So, there's not a gnat's body-width difference between Obama and her. She's just as arrogant and stupid because of her erroneous beliefs about human beings. None of them are worthy of America and the distinction that America is in the world.

McCain has been in the shadows recently. I will get to him soon enough.

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