Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama's Cooked!

I listened to Obama's defining moment a few minutes ago. He never rose to the occasion.

He had to openly state his principle(s). That would take no longer than the Gettysburg address. I cannot tell you how much I wanted him to inspire me to my greater self.

He rambled, stirring his fingers in the minutae of a Marxist explanation of how the world works. He tried to get me worked up by blaming corporate America. He offered socialist shibboleths proven to fail the world over. It took 35 to 40 minutes. I thought is was really boring.

I predict a decrease of interest in Obama.

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rville9755 said...

Steve, I think that in order for a black man to be president he must repudiate the idea that race matters. He cannot straddle the fence and say he is trying to address racism and correct it and then say he also is trying to help whites. The entire racialist frame of reference is what I disagree with; the idea that everything is about race. Instead Obama told whites to accept the idea that racism is real and that the black experience of it is real; and worse, that we have to look forward to a presidency where all citizens are punished for it. In a free society like ours, that is an admission that blacks will be treated better in his administration. If we are going to get past race we must get past white guilt and start with a fresh slate. I see Obama's candidacy as a "straddle the fence" candidacy with lots of winks to his "real" constituencies. And that is scary when you consider that the change he wants to usher in is "socialism".