Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Now Is The Time for the Mass Publication of the Danish Cartoons

Bin Laden is threatening Europe with serious punishment for publishing the infamous cartoons. He blames the Pope and the Saudi King for good measure.

Now is the time for all publications on a single designated day to print the Danish cartoons. The purpose is to demonstrate the following: "If you are going to punish those who demand their rights, then all of us are here for you to punish. We stand united in our inalienable right to speak our mind regardless if you are offended."

Ezra Levant is an incredible freedom fighter in this regard. A singular man, absolutely clear about the political freedom his life requires, unwilling to give an inch in this regard is a powerful and inspiring human being.

See him here at a hearing in Alberta, Canada where he defends his right:
First, his Opening Statement:

Then the Attributes of Free Speech:

And finally his Closing Argument:

You can find other segments of his hearing on YouTube.

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