Monday, March 3, 2008

Is This the Best Our Society Can Do?

On and on it goes - how we must take care of the poor and the weak and the least among us. Hillary and Obama focus on and emphasize this in every speech.

Here's the killer in the whole thing. They play on our authentic generosity and empathetic feelings and yet are willing to force every one of us to do what they want done. Hillary got into an argument over fining someone if they didn't have healthcare and had to be admitted to an emergency room. I can see the emergency room scene now: "Do you have government healthcare? No? You're under arrest! They'll fix that leg in jail." And this was right out there for all of us to see. She's not even interested in hiding her fascism. She's completely comfortable with it. Never mind the plans you had for your money or your time. You belong to Hillary. Shut up. Her dictator instincts, all justified by her concern for the "crisis ridden" populace and because she, and Obama, want to put nice-to-touch cat furr on everything, doesn't mean that the hardware isn't beneath the surface.

All in the name of the public good? I say, TO HELL WITH THE PUBLIC!! DON'T TREAD ON ME!!

Think of a better way. Those who care will create institutions to take care of these problems. No one has a duty to do it. Everyone has the right to do it.

"They won't do anything," you say?

Then maybe there is something we should stop pretending about human being. Are we willing to put up with the force so we don't have to face the fact that we don't give a damn? So, do we all really hate human beings at root? If you believe that, all I can say is that you are a product of the society of force not a reason for it.

How disgusting. Heave the tomatoes. Get the rake and drag them off the stage. Bring on someone who understands individual human dignity and the distinction that is America. These cats ain't it!!!


rville9755 said...

Altruism is pervasive in every pronouncement of the Dems and you had better be sure that altruism is being used because they think no one could disagree with helping others. Every speech of Obama and Hillary tells us of what they are going to do for (to) us. If you are a senior, they claim to understand your suffering and they'll make sure government takes care of you. If you are a soldier, they claim to understand your suffering and they will bring you home. If you are in the middle class, they claim to understand your suffering and they will make sure you get a tax break. On and on...what they don't understand is that in order for you to have a good life, we need to be free of both government control and government meddling in the economy.
If you are an oil company, sorry, you are evil and have been taking advantage of people for years and they'll make sure you can't do that any more (good bye economy, good bye production, good bye affluence - there are no MORE efficient alternative fuels - just a lot of moochers getting government grants).
If you are rich, you've been exploiting people for years and they'll make sure you are made to pay more so that Hillary or Obama can help the poor(The fact is, it is our money and there is such a thing as diminishing returns. The more they tax and the more they redistribute, there will be less to tax and less to redistribute). What they don't tell you is that they are buying your vote because they want power, the ability to rule you and control you; and they think they can fool you by promising you things. You, the voter, are being scammed by the hustlers of redistribution and collectivism. Wake up, they know what they are doing. Do you?

rville9755 said...

I find it amazing how often Hillary and Obama talk about helping if that is the only thing the President is supposed to do. It comes from their organizing days...where their only purpose was to organize against private interests and government - that sets the tone for everything they do. What a corrupt way of thinking. If you only think about using government to help the poor, then you don't care about the Constitution and the individual rights you violate among those that own property and earn well. It is a direct violation of the very intent of our Constitution and our government which is to protect people against the imposition of force. It makes the government the initiator of force. For Hillary and Obama, if you are not poor, well then, you must be the enemy.